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Overview of the ITSSAR "Trained Operator Passport Scheme” - TOPS

Following the formation of the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) in 2012 ITSSAR have implemented a mandatory data base (TOPS) for all Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE) and Workplace Transport Operators. Accredidated organisations will be required to access the scheme and provide details of all accredited operator training. A unique ID number will be issued this will remain with the operator for life. This number will be used for all addition categories of machines, for which there will be no charge, if done remotely, if this service is updated by Wokingham, then an admin fee will be charged.


To reduce MHE and workplace transport accidents/incidents, whilst improving safety through training.


  • To ensure that all accredited training meets the criteria as prescribed in The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L117) and ITSSAR Course Syllabus Manuals
  • To provide a safe and secure scheme
  • To provide a means of verifying accredited training


  • Validation and verification of training undertaken
  • Promotes confidence in operator training
  • Lifelong, safe and secure scheme
  • Promotes a communication link between, training organisations, employers, operators and the industry
  • Individual unique Identification number
  • Quick, reliable and user friendly system

Accessing the scheme:

  • Remote access online via a unique training organisation ID number
  • Application by post ITSSAR enters the details

Pricing and Options:

Remote Access

Remote Access
Option 1 Registration £4.50 + VAT
Option 2 Registration & ID Card £7.50 + VAT
Option 1 Registration £5.50 + VAT
Option 2 Registration & ID Card £8.50 + VAT

The charge for replacing an ID card will be £7.50 + VAT


Trained Operator Passport Scheme

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