Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register.

An Accrediting Body for Workplace Transport

Established in 1991, our dedicated team writes and monitors training standards for all Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE). We promote the highest quality of training within the workplace. We are a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association – Workplace Transport (ABA) 2012.

ITSSAR offers an accreditation scheme that is driven by practical training specialists. Our aim is simple; to improve the standards of training and safety in the operation of MHE.

We have a vast knowledge and expertise in a broad range of mechanical handling equipment. We recognise, approve and accredit a full range of courses Worldwide, including Counterbalance, Reach, Powered Pallet Trucks and Manual Handing among many others.

Training Providers

More than 300 accredited training providers across the UK.


  • To reduce MHE and workplace transport accidents/incidents, whilst improving safety through training.


  • To ensure that all accredited training meets the criteria as prescribed in The Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L117) and ITSSAR Course Syllabus Manuals
  • To provide a safe and secure scheme
  • To provide a means of verifying accredited training.


  • Validation and verification of training undertaken
  • Promotes confidence in operator training
  • Lifelong, safe and secure scheme
  • Promotes a communication link between training organisations, employers, operators and the industry
  • Individual unique Identification number
  • Quick, reliable and user-friendly system.

Trained Operator Passport Scheme

Our Trained Operator Passport Scheme (TOPS) is a database of all Mechanical Handling Equipment (MHE). Accredited organisations access the scheme and provide details of all accredited operator training.

Operator ID numbers can be checked online in real-time.