About ITSSARITSSAR has a vast knowledge and expertise in a broad range of mechanical handling equipment. We recognise, approve and accredit a full range of courses throughout the UK, including Counterbalance, Reach, Powered Pallet Trucks and Manual Handing among many others.

We’ve been improving training standards since 1991, and our dedicated team writes and monitors standards for a broad range of mechanical handling equipment to guarantee the highest quality of training within the workplace. The standards we set for registrants are current and comprehensive, whilst they far exceed the Accrediting Bodies Forum 2000. To ensure we’re constantly improving the overall quality of training, we hold seminars on a regular basis, inviting members to forward ideas and recommendations.

ITSSAR publish recommended courses for a diverse range of applications, including construction plant operation, forklift operation, crane operation, lifting, rigging, slinging and signalling, we know what theoretical and practical skills are required to operate mechanical handling equipment safely.

We operate from offices based in Bracknell, Berkshire, and we’re a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association Work Place Transport (ABA) 2012. This accrediting body was set up to agree and maintain a common set of standards for the basic skills required to operate workplace transport equipment. You can learn more about our courses by visiting our publications list page, Please take a look at our frequently asked questions' or get in touch with a member of our team by calling us on 01344 426230.  


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Telephone: 01344 426230
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