Tips For Finding An Instructor / Tutor

Tips For Searching for an ITSSAR Instructor / Tutor

With lots of members there is a good chance there is an ITSSAR member near to you.

If someone has recommended a company you can search for them by name. 

By Town e.g. Milton Keynes

By County e.g. Suffolk

(Where there more fields than factories such as Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland in county search by country)

By Postcode so BS for Bristol

By Training e.g. B1 (currently not all entries are up to date, so please bear with us, as some tutors may offer a service which they are not listed for as yet.)

Interactive Maps

You can zoom in and out on the maps, and drag them to alter the view.

If you click on the Pin it changes colour and an alert box pops up with more details about the company.

Down the left side you will find more information about the company and a link to their website.

The Directory page offers a different view of the data.


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