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About us


ITSSAR have been established since 1991 and operate from offices based in Bracknell, Berkshire.

ITSSAR is a founder member of the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) 2012. The HSE will still be involved in the ABA, working in a consultative capacity. The Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) has been confirmed as independent auditors, and in this capacity will help to maintain the standards that will make the ABA such a valuable body in the industry. The HSL was established to minimise health and safety risks in the workplace, and is an agency of the HSE, working with a range of public and private sector-organisations, conducting research and development work on their behalf.


Its sole function is to write and monitor training standards for a broad range of mechanical handling equipment including construction plant, crane operation, lifting and rigging operations, and slinging and signalling. This ensures that its registrants are delivering the highest quality of training within the workplace.

The Standards are relevant, current, and comprehensive.

Periodic review of all the Course Syllabus Manuals takes place, and these manuals are re-addressed by the ITSSAR Standards Forum. This Forum is made up of selected experienced ITSSAR training providers who have a vast knowledge and expertise in a wide range of mechanical handling equipment.

Training; paperwork; legislation; and facilities are continuously monitored by Training Standards Advisors. A monitoring report is submitted to each training organisation via Head Office to assist in maintaining standards.

Seminars are held on a regular basis to invite members to forward ideas and recommendations thus enhancing the overall quality of training, this in turn will promote ITSSAR as the leader of the highest quality training standards available to industry.